DN tv - 24.07.2017 - Robotics har laget prototyper på menneskeroboter. Målet er at robotoen Eve skal fungere som hjemmerobot og gjøre de aller fleste oppgavene mennesker kan, typ husarbeid.

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The Halodi concept

At Halodi we are passionate about robots. Our mission is to bring capable humanoid robots to everyone. To achieve this,we have developed Eve, a full sized humanoid robot that will serve industry and the general public at an affordable price.

Eve is unlike any other robot, and due to our Revo1 drive system with in-house developed motors and close to frictionless transmissions, it enables her to be the world’s first human strength direct drive robot that operates silently and can safely interact with people. We have already set the world records for highest torque to weight ratio servo motors, most transparent transmissions and highest payload to weight ratio for a robotic arm, and we have barely started.

Eve is developed from the ground up to be mass produced at low cost and to handle the latency inherent in cloud computing. This will enable her to utilize modern artificial intelligence approaches for both reasoning and dynamics, and be affordable for the domestic use given sufficient volumes.

Eve is a general purpose full size humanoid robot, capable of a wide variety of tasks. She will start mainly in the industrial and healthcare segments, where our high payload fully equipped wheeled platform with vision, arms, hands, hips and ankles enable a lot of uses that are not cost effective today. As her intelligence develops she will gradually move towards the domestic consumer market."


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